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Savannah, Ga  31406
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Founded in 1992, Rescue Training Inc is a full service Public Safety Training Center (with emphasis on initial Paramedic certification and licensure) located in historic Savannah, Georgia, USA.

The Savannah  facility is located in 10000+ sq ft building hosting several classrooms, labs and practice rooms dedicated solely to EMS, paramedic, medical and public safety training. Visit our other web site for a list of courses and additional information about the training center.

The RTI Tactical Medic staff is made up of experts that come from all areas of the United States. They come together to provide one of the best Tactical Medic training programs in the nation.

In Loving Memory

 Alf Zeilinger

About Us

Rescue Training Inc utilizes only proven members of the Special Operations Medical Community that are qualified and experienced to provide a professional level of training. Training provided to medics working within the public safety community, i.e., police, fire, EMS, the military, or those working for a division of the US Department of Homeland Security.  The Tactical Medical program is an extensive 54+ hour course conducted over 5 days. It is taught by actual practicing personnel considered experts in the various skills taught. The staff includes several physicians, tactical police instructors, paramedic and EMS instructors, active tactical medics, and other specialty skill instructors.

MOST COURSES: $895 (2020)

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