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Course Objectives

The Tactical Medic course is designed to provide the Medic with the skills necessary to support a tactical law enforcement team.  as the violence associated with drug activity and terrorism continues to increase, the ability to have medics trained, qualified, and skilled with this specialized talent is becoming a standard among tactical law enforcement teams...objectives



Course Objectives

Becoming a member of this "Tactical Medic" team requires the medic to have the same level of professionalism, dedication and commitment as well as being trained and equipped with the special skills necessary to support these law enforcement teams. Tactical medicine is nothing like routine EMS.  Specialized training is required.

The primary purpose and goals of the Tactical  Medic program are to provide the medic with four basic skills:
  1. The skills to operate in the tactical environment.
  2. The skills to perform a basic medical intelligence assessment. 
  3. The skills to minimize mortality and morbidity of personnel working in the tactical   environment. 
  4.  The skills to maintain operational capabilities of tactical units.